IzumoBASE at Cisco Live 2017 Las Vegas

IzumoBASE exhibited at Cisco Live, held in Las Vegas from 25th to 29th June 2017, as the only Japanese SDS vendor !

Las Vegas, situated in a desert region, is extremely hot. The temperature in this summer is higher than usual, the daytime temperature during the exhibition exceeded 40 ℃ every day, humidity was so low that we felt moisture in our eyes and mouths evaporate just by staying there.

In this article we report the hotness of Cisco Live in the hot Las Vegas.

What is Cisco Live

Cisco Live is a conference hosted by Cisco Systems. Multiple Cisco Live events are held in many places around the world, but the one held in Las Vegas this year is the biggest. There are not only exhibitions but also learning sessions for coding and panel discussions such as DevNet, and keynote talks to discover future trends in IT industry. Approximately 30,000 people attend on site and more than 150,000 participants view the event online.

At every Cisco Live event there are various surprises. This time, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., appeared in the keynote talk, and announced together with Mr. Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco Systems, about extending the cooperation of both companies.

About our exhibition

We , as a Cisco Solutions Partner, exhibited IzumoFS - UCS server solution, which is certified as Cisco Compatible. We demonstrated a linkage function of UCS Director, which lets users to easily configure, integrate and manage IzumoFS and its server, network and storage.

At our exhibition booth, we introduced IzumoFS's solution to visitors not only from North America but also from all over the world. In addition, we had meetings Cisco Systems about our future business deployment in the North America, based on the road map of UCS server.

J Metz, the key person of Cisco Systems' storage strategy, visited our booth, and we had a hot discussion about the IzumoFS - UCS server solution and the future partnership between the two companies.

J Metz introduced his visit on Twitter.

Before mentioning our future prospects through the Cisco Live, in the next section, we summarize the general mood and tips of the event for readers thinking about joining upcoming Cisco Live events.

Mood of the event


Approximately 30,000 people attend on site and more than 150,000 participants view the event online. This year, Cisco Live was held at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. The hotel is very big and it also has a huge pool and an aquarium. Even the site of Cisco Live only, it was too large to look around all booths during the event.


Besides exhibitions, various events such as DevNet, keynote talks etc. were held every day. Therefore, although most participants in the conference were interested in the technology of Cisco Systems, their purpose of participation and background were diverse.

Our booth was visited mainly by IT managers and distributors who were looking for storage solutions in the US, but also by many people who intended to see the trend of the latest technology. They were from all over the world.


Since the event was hosted by Cisco Systems, many exhibitors were those who had relationships with Cisco Systems in some way.

Besides us, many storage vendors such as DELL EMC, NetApp, Pure Storage, Scality, Cohesity, MapR, etc. ran booths. They were appealing their partnership and combination solution with Cisco Systems,too. Except for the largest vendors, storage vendors tend to show their products as solutions combined with their partner companies’ products in general, there are not many cases where they run a booth alone at exhibitions. Therefore, it could be said that Cisco Live is a unique event where many storage vendors can participate alone.


Unlike Japanese exhibitions, most exhibitors and visitors do not carry business cards at Cisco Live. To exchange contact information, we used admission passes on which information of participants are recorded. Exhibitors are given Android terminals for reading information on admission passes. This device can easily collect leads simply by swipingpasses that visitors carry. Compared to the exchanging-business-cards-at-booths method that we are familiar with Japanese exhibitions, participants have to register more information at the time of entry. However, in order to go around such a huge venue quickly, it would be more rational method for both exhibitors and visitors.

Internet environment was also enriched. In addition to the hotel’s Wi-Fi, a high-speed and stable Wi-Fi was provided exclusively for Cisco Live. By using the event app offered by Cisco Systems, we did not miss the schedules and places of curious sessions and booths even in the huge site.

Every company was generously handing out novelties. At most booths, they instantly handed out the goods just by letting them swipe the aforementioned admission passes. Although it was very exhausting because of the huge site, just walking around the site gave us a lot of goods such as T-shirts, stuffed toys, fidget spinners, ballpoint pens, stickers, sweets and so on. Fidget spinners were especially popular, and booths where they were handed out were always crowded. (By the way, in addition to IzumoFS stickers, we handed out matcha flavored kitkats. The green kitkat gained instant popularity among attendees, so popular that we even got some “repeaters”.)

World of Solutions, which was the main site of the exhibition and where we put up a booth at, was open from 10 AM to 7 PM. Free drinks and snacks were served there every morning, and beer and wine were served after 5 PM. After that, everybody, including Cisco Systems’ staffs, exhibitors and participants, visited booths with alcohol in their hands. We had a very frank conversations , and we felt atmosphere at the Cisco Live just as it is a festival of technology.


We recognize that storage is a product without international borders in general. We exhibited at Cisco Live this time and strengthened relationships with Cisco Systems, along with other business partners, users and distributors.

While introducing solutions to people visiting our booth, we once again confirmed that there are certain needs for the following features of IzumoFS, regardless of countries.

  • File-based SDS
  • Pure P2P architecture
  • Secret Sharing
  • Multi Site Cluster

Compared to other SDS products, these technological features are unique to IzumoFS, and they are also technologically difficult for other SDS products to catch up . Even in the US SDS market where it is hard for startups to survive , we were able to obtain some good responses that we could anticipate a certain position.

On the business side, we could acquire valuable insights such as a pricing system consistent with the North American market, where the scale of introduction per user is large, and a strategy for building relationships with business partners.

 We are going to continue developing IzumoFS for the whole world. If you are interested in a storage system whose needs would keep increasing in the future, why don’t you challenge the world as a member of IzumoBASE ?

Careers at IzumoBASE: https://www.izumobase.com/recruit