IzumoBASE Announces A Cisco Compatible Reference Architecture of IzumoFS - Cisco UCS Storage Solution

Cisco Compatible

IzumoBASE, INC. announced that it had completed Cisco Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) of Cisco UCS and IzumoFS had been certified as Cisco compatible.

With the certification, IzumoBASE announced a reference architecture of IzumoFS-Cisco UCS storage solution. This verified architecture enables users to easily integrate their servers, networks, and storages, by taking advantage of IzumoFS’s simple storage management and Cisco UCS Manager’s flexible server resource management.

Overview of the solution, detailed contents and results of IVT, the reference architecture, and collaboration with Cisco UCS Director are described more in detail in the following product pages and a white paper.

Cisco Japan Solution Partner page:

Cisco Marketplace –IzumoFS–:

White Paper:

IzumoFS-Cisco UCS storage solution is suitable for following use cases:

  • Server-based enterprise-class scale-out NAS
  • Secret sharing storages to store confidential data
  • Inter-site distributed file servers with disaster recovery functionality

IzumoBASE accelerates business partnership with Cisco as a member of Cisco Solutions Partner Program. We focus not only on disseminating our Cisco Compatible solution, but also on developing collaboration between IzumoFS and Cisco UCS Director to realize more integrated systems. The collaboration with Cisco UCS Director was demonstrated at Cisco Live 2017 in Las Vegas on June 25 - 29, 2017, and it received positive responses from attendees.

Please refer to the following report on the details of our exhibition at Cisco Live 2017.


Comment from Hiroyuki Ishida, DataCenter/Virtualization Operations, Regional Manager of Cisco Systems G.K.
Cisco UCS solution provides excellent features such as system administration and system orchestration by Cisco UCS Manager. We believe the solution is a perfect match for IzumoFS – which consist of pure P2P architecture without any of "special node" such as gateways or connectors – and Cisco UCS would dramatically streamline operation and management of IT infrastructure. To be more specific, by combining Service Profile of Cisco UCS Manager and Node Replacement feature of IzumoFS, a user can accomplish hardware replacement with minimum overhead. In the process of IVT, IzumoFS has shown great compatibility with Cisco UCS, not only functionally or performant, but especially in the aspect of simplifying administrator’s daily operations. We expect IzumoFS would become the key product that makes SDS prevail to the wide range of users in the world.

Comment from Tatsuo Kimura, Corporate Officer and General Manager, Excellent Services of UNIADEX, Ltd.
We are the support partner of IzumoFS and a Gold Certified Partner of Cisco. We are pleased to see IzumoFS has been certified as Cisco UCS Compatible. IzumoFS is a notable SDS product with outstanding features such as inline deduplication and secret sharing scheme. We are going to provide a one-stop support service for both IzumoFS and Cisco UCS covering the whole country by our wide support network.

IzumoBASE, founded at April 27, 2015, is a startup company from The University of Tokyo with a vision of “Making Storage as A True Infrastructure”. CEO Dr. Jumpei Arakawa has studied about storage virtualization and distributed storage system at The University of Tokyo and based on that R&D he has developed Software-Defined Storage “IzumoFS”. IzumoFS is equipped with cutting-edge features such as Inline De-Duplication and Secret Sharing Scheme while retaining very easy installation and maintenance process. IzumoFS is expected from various industries to provide them a high cost-efficient storage solution.


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