IzumoBASE at Cisco Live 2017 Las Vegas



IzumoBASE exhibited at Cisco Live, held in Las Vegas from 25th to 29th June 2017, as the only Japanese SDS vendor ! Las Vegas, situated in a desert region, is extremely hot. The temperature in this summer is higher than usual, the daytime temperature during the exhibition exceeded 40 ℃ every day, humidity was so low that we felt moisture in our eyes and mouths evaporate just by staying there. In this article we report the hotness of Cisco Live in the hot Las Vegas.

Inline Deduplication for Speed


Inline Deduplication for Distributed Storage

I think the combination of inline deduplication and distributed storage is not that common for most of people to know but actually these pair do have benefits beside storage capacity reduction. In this article, I’ll discuss why inline deduplication is implemented in IzumoFS.

Special Node in SDS


SDS CATEGORIES - Is There Any Special Node?

So what is the difference between many SDS? For example many company showcases integration with cloud service, inter-site clustering or dedupe methods but these are not fundamental features that differentiate the core concept of product. There are no common way to categorise each product but in this article I would like to focus on the role of each cluster nodes. That leads us to think about what protocol we use to access a storage system.

Many types of Software-Defined Storage


Many Types of Software-Defined Storage

Don't you have experience when you research on “Software-Defined Storage” you find actually there're pretty huge difference between each SDS products. It's easy for us tell what IZUMO defined the term SDS but in this blog post I would like to expose this fantastic technology from larger scope of view. For this purpose I find SDS mapping graph created by Mr. Makuta from Techno Systems Research is very useful.

Are you ready for a disaster?


BCP/DR Without Waste

BCP is a hot topic. Technology surrounding BCP or DR (Disaster Recovery) is becoming more mature and reasonable especially because of cloud services. Though the down side of ordinary style BCP is that you must put your backup data to separated DR site and it leads to big overhead. In this article, I’ll introduce BCP in next generation using IzumoFS.

IzumoFS with SSD Part 3


When To Use SSD With SDS - Part 3

To use system with all flash storage we generally require two things, great performance and features that able to use SSD efficiently. Since IzumoFS has scalable architecture and in-line deduplication it works well with SSD. Because of its scalable architecture it's possible to have always right sizing. You can manage different node with different specs and capacity so you could create pretty much any kind of cluster you want.

IzumoFS with SSD Part 2


When To Use SSD With SDS - Part 2

As I wrote in the end of previous post, I'll talk about cluster of file system here. The cluster size of file system In enterprise NAS is fixed but with IzumoFS you can choose size of a cluster or even format type to use. For example, ifs file system which became default in CentOS 7 can choose cluster size from 512B to 64KB (IzumoFS works on CentOS).

IzumoFS with SSD Part 1


When To Use SSD With SDS - Part 1

The biggest advantage of SDS, is that there're no specific dependencies with hardwares. On the other hand, sometime it's actually hard to choose the right hardware for your needs. In this blog post series I'll introduce when to use SSD with IzumoFS.

Womans hand on apple device.


Hello, next generation.

At last, blog of IZUMO is going to start. We'll be posting mainly about next generation Software-Defined Storage (SDS) IzumoFS but we'll also dig into other storages technology from our point of view.