It's Not just new.
It has everything you need to replace
any existing hardware based storage.

IzumoFS is equipped with cutting edge features such as in-line deduplication and snapshot with version control on top of simple pure P2P architecture that brings you gateway-less multi protocol support and inter-site clustering. You can use your existing resource with ease.

Pure P2P architecture

In IzumoFS every node nodes are equal. There are no node that has special role for example meta data server or master node. Of course, you can access to CIFS, NFS and iSCSI natively without preparing any gateway or connector.

Because of this pure P2P architecture you can eliminate the single point of failure and performance bottle neck caused by some specific node. It brings you true linear capacity and performance incrementation. IzumoFS is absolutely simple to structure storage system and decrease cost at both initial implementation and at running time.

Pure P2P architecture

Easiest installation.

IzumoFS is nothing but software. If you have IA server that runs CentOS or RHEL all you have to do is to execute two commands and installation will finish in less than a minute. After that, just go access management console with your web browser to create massive storage system with simple few clicks.

It's so easy that you wouldn't need to create any automation scripts but if you want, there are API prepared for you to run commands from CLI. At the end, IzumoFS is just a Linux based software. From now on anyone who are used to run Linux system can manage storage. You don't need experienced storage expert anymore.

2 Step Installation

High security protection with Secret Sharing Scheme

By dividing the data into a certain number of shares, it becomes impossible to read a single byte of data from those shares and can be only restored when certain numbers of shares are obtained. Secret Sharing Scheme differs from ordinary encryption that it doesn’t contain any “key”. Because full original data doesn’t exist within each share data can’t be read even it’s stolen. It’s very powerful method to protect your sensitive privacy data.

Unlike usual Secret Sharing Scheme in the market, which has been very complicated to implement, all you need to do to enable this feature with IzumoFS is just simply checking a check box. Secret Sharing Scheme can be applied to each shared folders independently. Since it distributes shares to multiple servers it function as data redundancy as well.

Secret Sharing Scheme

In-line Deduplication.

The usual way of post-process deduplication is that the deduplication will be processed after saving, requiring the capacity to be temporarily increased dramatically. With the in-line deduplication on the other hand, the deduplication is performed in real-time while the data is saved, not requiring any temporary increasing of capacity. Furthermore, the in-line deduplication function enhances the cache hit rate, contributing to an improvement in reading performance.

The key feature about IzumoFS is that it's very good at handling these kind of “In-Memory Processing”. We've eliminated the overhead comes with processing dedupilication and that's our technology.

Post-Process and In-Line Deduplication

True flexible storage brought you by Software-Defined.

You are free to mix any kind of hardware in same storage pool. It could have different spec, different capacity, different usage or even install different application on same server. Network doesn't matter either.

You can create super fast storage system by using SSD and high spec machines or huge archive server using low cost commodity server. You can add newest machine at the time of adding capacity, or use existing server you already have. There are nothing to be waisted.

Flexible structure

BCP without waist.
Inter-site clustering.

IzumoFS is a distributed storage software and it can place nodes in separated location and manage it as a cluster. This means that way we handle BCP will be massively different. By placing node close to actual location where users work the latency between user and storage can become truly minimum. With IzumoFS's cache handling, required data will automatically balanced to stay in appropriate node which makes user experience quite nice.

With IzumoFS there are no difference between node at main site and node at DR site. By placing more backup node it will be used to make IzumoFS even more better. Because IzumoFS doesn't have any special procedure for restore. If any site get crushed by disaster and you need to restore data, restore operation is just as same as you always do in daily operation. This will cut down relevant training cost to learn special storage system.

BCP without waist