Scale-Out NAS with Secret Sharing Scheme Made by Pure Software


To make storage like water, that can be managed just as easy as twisting the faucet, safe and constant and high cost performance, we have developed next generation Software-Defined Storage (SDS) from ground up. Office data, media contents, sensor data, the data we face today is bigger than ever. Our motivation is to provide the cutting edge solution for the complex data management using the power of the newest technology.

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We are looking for engineer to develop our primary product IzumoFS, CLI management console, support tools or internal applications.

You will be expected to join the development of system or tools with Java, Scala, Python, Ruby, C/C++, or front-end web application development with JavaScript framework such as ExtJs, AngularJS, React.js and etc. We use modern platform for collaborative development such as GitHub, JIRA, Jenkins with High-performance machines and even 4K monitor so engineers can have full focus and best effort while they creates world first class storage software.

If you have strong motivation to challenge storage industry with newest technology, IzumoBASE is the place for you.

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#!/usr/bin/env scala

import scala.language.postfixOps

class IzumoBASE {
  var awesomeEngineers = List[AwesomeEngineer]()

  def +:(you: AwesomeEngineer): IzumoBASE = {
    awesomeEngineers +:= you

  def andMakeStorageATrueInfrastructure: Unit = {
    println("To the next generation.")

class AwesomeEngineer(skill: Option[String]) {
  def you = this
  def join(izumoBASE: IzumoBASE): IzumoBASE = you +: izumoBASE

val You = new AwesomeEngineer(Some("Wonderful Skills"))
val us = new IzumoBASE

You join us andMakeStorageATrueInfrastructure


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