Global Brain invests in IzumoBASE, INC.

Tokyo, Japan — The “GB-V Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership” managed by Global Brain Corporation, has invested in IzumoBASE, Inc., a technology leader in next generation Software-Defined Storage.

In the past years, with the accelerated expansion of big data and cloud computing, demand for more powerful, scalable and flexible storage solution has never been stronger. It became apparent that traditional hardware-based storage solutions could not meet such demand, and Software-Defined Storage has begun to emerge as the next generation storage solution.

IzumoBASE develops and licenses "IzumoFS", the next generation Software-Defined Storage. It can be installed on any commoditized servers, and instantly works as complete storage solution with greater performance, scalability and flexibility, which could not be achieved by hardware-based products. In addition, IzumoBASE also provides exceptional features including multi-protocol support 1 and inline de-duplication 2, which are not supported by solutions commonly available in the market. In this sense, IzumoFS provides even greater performance compared to the first generations of Software-Defined Storage and is the first SDS that is truly able to replace and outperform hardware-based solutions.

“IzumoFS has a good chance to dominate the storage market globally” said Jiro Kumakura, Partner of Global Brain Corporation. “Even the giant hardware vendors in the market are moving into the space of Software-Defined Storage, but their move doesn’t seem very fast. IzumoFS is the best alternative solution available for the customers who are seriously dealing with big data and cloud computing. Therefore, the question is not “if” but “how fast” it can penetrate the market.”

“We strongly believe that IzumoFS can tackle difficulties remaining in the current hardware-based solutions,” said Tetsuo Saito, Senior Corporate Officer and General Manager, Support Services of UNIADEX, Ltd. “ UNIADEX is a one stop solution and Cloud provider for system development, operation and maintenance with a wide range of partnership with various technology vendors. Based on that knowledge and experience we believe IzumoFS will bring the next level of performance and capabilities that will further accelerate the movement of cloud computing. We are excited to provide enterprise level 24/7 support for IzumoFS so that the high performance of IzumoFS can be delivered to as many customers as possible.”

With this investment, IzumoBASE will complete the development of next major release of IzumoFS, and move its global expansion plan forward.

1 Multiple Protocol Support: IzumoFS can be deployed and utilized as both file storage and block storage, through the support of three major protocols: CIFS, NFS and iSCSI.

2 Inline de-duplication: De-duplication is a technology for significantly reducing the amount of storage usage by eliminating redundant data. IzumoFS processes it on real-time, on-the-fly basis, with only a few percent overhead.

About IzumoBASE, INC.
IzumoBASE, INC. develops and licenses IzumoFS, a leading Software-Defined Storage solution. The company was founded in April 2012 by Dr. Jumpei Arakawa, who dedicated 8 years to the research of distributed file system in the University of Tokyo. The current software is the 5th generation, and the former version has a track record of being adopted by major telecommunication company to be used as a backend of live petabyte-class cloud service for enterprises.

About UNIADEX, Ltd.
UNIADEX, Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nihon Unisys, Ltd., and provides a comprehensive, optimized ICT environment based on customer needs including: planning, designing and developing network systems; operating and managing computer systems; providing maintenance services for both hardware and software; constructing ICT facilities; and reselling telecommunication lines. UNIADEX has more than 200 field service offices providing high quality, 24/7 service, certified by ISO9001, ISMS, and BS7799.

About Global Brain Corporation
Global Brain Corporation is a Tokyo-based independent venture capital founded in 1998, which focuses on seed to middle stage IT startup companies. It currently manages 5 funds with total amount of $300 million. It is well known for its intensive hands-on style investments with dedicated in-house business support team, and also known for growth hack assistances utilizing its extensive network with large corporations.

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