When To Use SSD With SDS - Part 3

IzumoFS with SSD Part 3

Many SDS out in the market these days has architecture called distributed storage. While SDS came along with terms like cloud computing or big data many users pictures SDS as near line and archiving system. It's true because of SDS nature like high availability or scalability. SDS can handle these kind of request with good performance and being able to use commodity hardware the cost efficiency is better too.

In fact many client I talk to has strong interest in the fields mentioned above. Though IzumoFS can be used to all flash storage due to its functionalities.

What we want for all flash storage

To use system with all flash storage we generally require two things, great performance and features that able to use SSD efficiently. Since IzumoFS has scalable architecture and in-line deduplication it works well with SSD.

Because of its scalable architecture it's possible to have always right sizing. You can manage different node with different specs and capacity so you could create pretty much any kind of cluster you want.

In-line dedpulication will not only save your storage capacity but it will reduce amount of data writing to the disk which means your SSD will live much longer. Especially when you have big duplicated data such as VDI, this functionality will make huge difference.

In-line dedpulication

IzumoFS also has many other features that were required or at least wanted to work with full flash storage like ring update and snapshot with version management. You can create all flash storage by using commodity hardwares instead of exclusive appliance hardware.

Future of SDS

In this article we covered how to use IzumoFS in all flash storage. Though actually SDS is not something that can fit into only one of existing storage solutions (ex. SAN, NAS, all flash, backup, archive, object, etc...) but rather brand new innovation that potentially would replace all of the legacy storages in any fields.

IzumoFS has cutting edge features like in-line deduplication and we are working on to create storage that can be use to any situation. SDS is still new and more to come. There are lots and lots of possibilities.

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