IzumoBASE, INC. (hereinafter “the Company”) complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information , guidelines of each government ministry and other relevant laws and regulations to realize the protection of personal information in the operation of the Company and various services provided by the Company (hereinafter “the services”).

On this website, the Company may ask customers to provide personal information, but the information shall be kept to a minimum. For the provision of any other information, the company respects the judgement of customers.

1. Definition of Personal Information

In this policy, “Personal Information” means personal information defined by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Article 2, paragraph 1, that is, information about a living individual, which can identify the specific individual by name, date of birth or other description contained in such information (including information that can be compared with other information and thereby identify the specific individual).

2. Collection of Personal Information and Purpose of Use

2-1. Collection of Personal Information

When acquiring personal information, the company specifies the purpose of use and obtains them through appropriate and fair means.

2-2. Purpose of Use

The Company acquires personal information for the following purposes.

  • To collect and manage information necessary to carry out services operations and other business operations of the company
  • To answer consultation and contact from our customers
  • To charge usage fees, late fees,etc
  • To confirm validity of credit card for settlements of payments,etc.
  • To notify interruption, suspension of services provided by the Company or cancellation of the Contract between the Company and customers
  • To notify modification of various terms and conditions, policy, etc, related to the service provided by the Company
  • To handle disputes and litigation
  • To deal with information about services and products of the Company and inquiries
  • To create statistical data redacted to prevent identification of our customers
  • To provide, maintain, improve services and products of the Company in each of the preceding items

2-3. Change of the purpose of use

The Company may change the propose of use in the preceding paragraph within the scope in which it is reasonable to find that the changed Purpose of Use is appropriately relevant. When it is changed, the company will notify or publicize it in a method that the company stipulates.

3. Security control measures

We take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent leakage, loss or damage of personal data we handle, and to manage other personal data safely.

4. Provision of Personal Information

The Company will not provide the personal information of customers to third parties without the prior consent of the relevant individuals except in the case that disclosure is authorized. However, in the following cases, information may be provided as an exception:

  • When the Company delegates completely or partially the handling of personal information to third parties within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose for usage
  • When the Company entrusts personal information of customers who use services to settlement system companies , credit card companies and banks to charge a fee to customers.
  • When personal information is transferred to the successor following the succession of a business due to a merger or other reasons
  • When public institution such as court and police requests to disclose in accordance with the law
  • In the event of an emergency that may endanger human life or property

5. Disclosure, cessation of use, and elimination of Personal Information

5-1. When an individual who is the subject of personal information requests disclosure,revision, addition, deletion of contents; suspension or cessation of use of the own personal information, please request by mail with identity verification documents enclosed (in case of a request made by an agent, documents that verify the identity of the agent) . In case of a written request for disclosure, please enclose postage stamps equivalent to 410 yen per request(incl. tax) as a fee, ( In case of request for disclosure from abroad, customers are solely responsible for postage).

5-2. In case of a request based on the preceding paragraph is made, the Company will disclose personal information to a reasonable extent except if the Company has no obligation to disclose information according to the Personal Information Protection Law or any other relevant law.

6. Disclaimer

The Company does not assume any responsibility in the following case:

  • When customers disclosed their own personal information to the third parties
  • When customers are identified by personal information disclosed by themselves.

7. Amendment of Personal Information Protection Policy

The company reviews operation condition about the handling of personal information from time to time, in an effort toward continuous improvement, and may amend the policy as necessary without prior notices in accordance with change in social conditions, advance in technology environmental changes. Changes to the policy shall become effective from the time that the Company notifies it officially in the website except in cases determined by the company separately. However, when the Company changes the contents which needs the consent of customers under the laws and regulations, the Company shall obtain the consent in a method that the Company stipulates.

8. Copyright

Copyright of the contents((text, photographs, images, data, graphics, etc.) and layout, editing and the structure resides with the Company. Therefore, please refrain from unauthorized use of these(including whole or partial reproduction, transmission, broadcasting, publishing, distributing, posting, transfer, rent, translation, adaptation, license, re-use, etc. of the website), reprint, modification, alteration or commercial use.

9. Disclaimer regarding materials on this Website

The Company takes every possible means to ensure the accuracy of the information uploaded to this website. However, the Company accept no liability for all consequential loss (indirect, special, incidental, and consequential damages) arising from any use of information of IzumoBASE, INC.due to the revision to laws and regulations. Customers are asked to assume personal responsibility when using information of the website.